Full Spectrum Midstream Services

Flatirons specializes in greenfield midstream project development in the Rockies including North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Our team has experience building and operating assets in all areas of the midstream sector. The core assets and services we seek to develop include:
  • Natural Gas and Crude Oil Gathering and Transportation
  • Compression, Treating, Processing and Fractionation
  • Gas Lift Services
  • NGL & Natural Gas Marketing
  • Liquids Storage and Handling

Flatirons operates the Spring Brook System in Williams County, ND to service production from the prolific Bakken and Three Forks formations. Spring Brook consists of a 45 MMcf/d gathering system and processing plant, with a gas lift system that utilizes the plant residue gas for production enhancement in existing and future wells.
Gas lift is an established technology to enhance and support oil production. The Flatirons design at Spring Brook provides optimal gas lift to our producers. We compress the plant’s residue gas to send high pressure, dehydrated gas lift back to the wells. This form of artificial lift is efficient, inexpensive and effective, with minimal burden on the producer and the wellbore.

Spring Brook Midstream System

  • 45 MMcf/d refrigeration processing plant
  • 60+ miles of gathering pipeline
  • 22 MMcf/d compressor station
  • Associated system gathers from Bakken and Three Forks formations
  • 50 MMcf/d high pressure gas lift system
  • NGL truck racks for efficient transport to local outlets

Natural Gas Gathering & Processing

  • 45 MMcf/d of centralized refrigeration processing capacity in Williams County
  • - Ability to upsize to 90+ MMcf/d

    - Two Inlet Caterpillar 3608 compressors (22.5 MMcf/d)

  • More than 60 miles of gathering pipelines
  • - Pipeline sized for IP flow rates, reducing initial flaring

  • 22.5 MMcf/d compressor station (Stockyard Creek Compressor)

    - Two Caterpillar 3608 compressors

  • 360,000 gallons of y-grade storage
  • Residue gas delivery to WBI and Northern Border interstate pipelines

Gas Lift

  • Central-compression system at plant compresses residue gas to provide dehydrated, high-pressure gas for optimal lifting at well pads
  • - Dry gas reduces wellsite and downhole equipment           issues associated with using wet gas at the field

  • Increases oil production, in some cases up to 40%
  • Decreases LOE by up to 30%
  • Increased NGL recoveries, providing additional revenues to producer
  • Enhanced vapor recovery helps companies maintain compliance with RVP rules

Fractionation & NGL Takeaway

Midstream System Expansion & Service Additions

  • Gas processing capacity expansion at Spring Brook Plant up to 90+ MMcf/d under development
  • Future services to include: freshwater delivery; produced water transport and disposal; crude oil gathering, processing and stabilization
  • New NGL and residue lines planned to extend and diversify take-away options out of the basin
  • New gas lift systems
  • Fractionation