A core focus of our company is capturing and processing oil and gas production. We pride ourselves on designing, building, and operating efficient, simple midstream facilities. Our thesis is that the best designed systems reduce pollution and lessen impacts on the community, making for a more profitable and efficient business.

Our projects include the gathering and processing of natural gas that might otherwise be flared into the atmosphere, safely recovering millions of pounds of hydrocarbons per day and delivering them to various end markets. This recovery offsets more expensive energy that would be acquired from other sources, resulting in a corresponding reduction of millions of pounds of CO2 a day.

Health and Safety

Our company is committed to conducting business utilizing industry best practices in a manner consistent with our core competencies. Our internal protocols provide for safety levels above and beyond the compliance requirements of health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.  We continually seek ways to enhance our operations in the areas of health, safety and the environment.  Our management team recognizes that each employee plays an important role in maintaining work place safety and environmental compliance.  Contractors and suppliers are required to meet these same standards of performance.

We also need your help to ensure continued safety in your community. If you’re planning a digging project, call 811 before proceeding. The free nationwide 811 One-Call program provides prompt, efficient notification to participating utilities to mark underground line locations in the vicinity of your project.


Land Owner Statement

Flatirons Field Services strives to build and maintain a positive relationship with landowners through effective communication and respect for the land they own. We currently manage approximately 100 miles of pipeline right-of-way within Williams County, North Dakota, and our pipeline system crosses the lands of many farmers, ranchers and homeowners. Our company considers stewardship of the land as one of our core competencies and employs high standards of safety and compliance for the private and public lands in which we operate. We work with the landowner’s best interest in mind, assisting property owners whose land is near our pipeline or related facilities.